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What is LibreWeb? How it started? And why is it so important?


LibreWeb is a implementation of an idea to improve the world. Today the Internet is centralized and controlled by big businesses, companies and even the government has control of the Internet.

The goal of LibreWeb is to create a network which works in decentralized manner. Decentralization means that there is no single-point-of-failure and no businesses/government that can be in control. Instead everyone is equally part of the network. They call it Mesh Networking. Network is a network topology where all nodes cooperate in the distribution of data within the network. A mesh networks can messages (packages) around the network with special routing or flooding techniques.

WiFi (802.11) has by default build-in basic mesh networking features, also known as ad-hoc. However, these features are far from perfect in order to achieve our goal. Therefore LibreWeb has started.