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Welcome to the LibreWeb Wiki: the place for LibreWeb documentation


Gives you more clarity about LibreWeb.
Frequently asked questions
Questions and facts about LibreWeb.
LibreWeb Software
Detailed information about the LibreWeb open-source software.
LibreWeb Hardware
Explains the open-source hardware.
Installation guide
Guide to setup, install and get LibreWeb working.
Getting started using LibreWeb.
LibreWeb Applications
Most important applications and services LibreWeb uses.

Our community

Getting involved
Describes various how you can contribute to the LibreWeb community.
If willing and able to contribute to the wiki, please see this article for ideas.
Short how-to on editing and contributing to the LibreWeb wiki.
Our Mission
Find out more about our mission with LibreWeb.
Forum etiquette
Guidelines for LibreWeb forum members.
IRC channel
Join the chat room.


LibreWeb pages follow specific conventions, so if you have trouble reading LibreWeb Wiki or understanding some instructions, see Help:Reading for a clarification.

If looking for specific information, try using the search box at the top. Alternatively, use your favorite web search engine which likely provides a special syntax or interface for restricting results to a particular website (usually appending to the search terms is enough). See Help:Searching for other tricks.